Online recording
for public safety, enterprise and small-business

We offer recording-as-a-service (RaaS) at any scale your company or organisation may require. When you opt for RaaS, we handle the maintenance of the recording servers and storage cluster for you. Our data center-hosted system provides full scalability and reliability for public safety and enterprise applications, while enabling cost-effective recording for small-business applications.

Public safety

Metropolitan areas with thousands of geographically distributed cameras monitoring streets, bridges, subway systems and train stations can all be recorded by a single solution, offering consistent and fast search and replay functionality in case of emergencies or incidents.

To ensure the safety of travellers, airports can now record every available security camera with one unified recording solution. In such highly dynamic environments, flexibility and reliability is critical. Our data center-hosted recording solution offers the ability to expand, without having to invest in additional recording servers, while keeping maintenance to a minimum.


For large scale, distributed or geographically distributed environments where 24/7 centralized surveillance and recording is critical, we offer data center-hosted recording. Additional to typical data center power and networking resilience features, our system can be deployed as a 2N setup for ultimate reliability and fault tolerance.

Large industrial areas and factory sites where on-premise recording is not desirable or consisting of multiple areas that need to be recorded and replayed from a centralized location, can be recorded by a single recording solution. It offers the flexibility to quickly expand the number of cameras on-site, or to easily include cameras on other locations with zero downtime.


Retail businesses using security cameras can be connected to our subscription-based, online recording solution. Expensive, fault-sensitive, on-site recording equipment is replaced with a cost-effective, reliable, zero maintenance online recording service.

Home security

Our online recording service can provide a consistent revenue for home security companies, by offering their customers subscription-based recording instead of selling one-off recording equipment. Please contact us for specific bulk home security camera or voice communications recording solutions. You can use our contact form or send us an e-mail.