On-premise recording
for service providers and secure sites

The Nebula recording solution is extremely suitable for hosting on-premise, integrating with your existing ICT infrastructure, to offer your customers recording-as-a-service (RaaS). This provides you full scalability and integration with your own applications through modern APIs.

Service providers

Our recording solution enables service providers to make a real difference in their highly competitive markets. Mobile phone or VoIP telephony services can be expanded with voice recording on any scale, with configurable retention. Recording and playback features can be added to any existing subscription at a competitive price level, because of our unique cost-effective recording technology. Our modern RESTful APIs allow easy integration into Web-based services for playback anywhere; smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Broadband Internet service providers can expand their services with camera recording for enterprise, small-business or home environments. Department stores, shopping centers, retailers or home users with existing IP security camera systems can benefit from centralized recording and playback services offered as part of their broadband subscription.

Secure sites

Environments where recording is restricted to being on-premise, can be equipped to record every available voice or camera stream without the need for data center-size infrastructure. Government agencies, military bases, financial institutions, correctional facilities and courts of law are just some of the many possible application areas.

To ensure content security, the recording solution immediately encrypts all recordings using 256-bit AES encryption. Content is never accessible or readable by unauthorized users, complemented by security checks upon retrieval. Our unique recording solution can be deployed as 2N at the cost of N+1, for high-availability or to protect against hardware failure.