About us

Nebula Recording B.V. is a company located in the Netherlands, focusing on next-generation camera and voice recording. Our unique recording solution and design philosophy is the result of our expertise in several areas.

Educated as information technology and software engineering specialists, we were early adopters of the Internet and networking technologies. With our profound knowledge of networks, operating systems and software development, we developed several integrations to facilitate voice recording of third-party vendor equipment.

Like most things in life, experience is only valuable when used to learn and improve. We found that traditional voice recording systems share a number of design flaws that could be addressed in a fundamentally different way. Building upon our experience we developed a unique recording server that is at least 100 times more efficient, to be able to incorporate it to a fully scalable recording solution. By removing the limitations and complexity of traditional systems, we can deliver a camera and voice recording solution that meets the continuously increasing recording demand.