Camera and voice
recording at any scale

Whether you need to record tens of thousands of security cameras or millions of phones, our recording solution fulfills all your recording demands.

If you need a unified recording solution which supports most commercially available IP security cameras or tailor-made integrations for VoIP communication, the Nebula recording solution offers you fully scalable recording. We deliver on-premise or data center-hosted systems covering enterprise, small-business and personal recording.

Our unique approach to scalable capture, storage and search functionality provides you with a reliable recording solution at predictable costs.

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Ultra high performance

10,000 camera streams or 100,000 voice streams on a single, industry-standard server is unmatched by any competitor system. Every single part of our unique recording technology has been designed for reliability and speed.

Fully scalable design

Our modern system design ensures that capture, storage and search capabilities are fully scalable. Application of widely adopted and proven scalable technologies ensures a responsive, future-proof system when recording demand increases.

Large cost reduction

Our highly efficient recording server requires substantially less hardware, reducing your maintenance costs and energy consumption. Robust, 2N continuous recording requires the equal amount of hardware as N+1 non-continuous deployments of the past.